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August Bucks

We give every retail customer $ 1 worth of August Bucks for every $10 they spend at our store from January through July. These "dollars" then can be redeemed in the month of August through the weekend of Labor Day for up to 50% off the purchase of any store item* whether it be full retail or a sale item. We also allow August Bucks to be used for fall bulb purchases after Labor Day. Again, for the same 50% off the purchase price of the bulbs.


* August Bucks cannot be used to purchase gift cards or on service.

Ideas for using August Bucks

Do you feed the birds?

We have many different kinds of bird feed and feeders to choose from.

Is there a lawn, garden or home chemical you use on a regular basis?

We have a large selection.

Need gardening tools or a décor item for a birthday or holiday gift?

We have them.

How about freshening up your landscape?

We have thousands of plants waiting for a new home. 

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